Please complete the SHESC Travel Form with your requisite travel information. This will be received by the Business Ops team and you will be assigned a travel partner. Your travel partner will work with you to ensure all details of your trip are taken care of. 

Specifically, your business ops travel partner will:

Travel Costs can be paid for either out of pocket and reimbursed on your expense report or via one of the ASU provided PCards, depending on the type of transaction:

Travel Expenses that can be paid for by an ASU PCard

  • Flights
  • Conference registration

Travel Expenses paid personally by Traveler

  • Lodging
  • Rental vehicles
  • Parking
  • Public Transportation

There is no need to save food receipts for reimbursement as you can claim a daily meal allowance rate (per diem) based on the area you are traveling to and excluding any meals provided to you

Travel Best Practices
  • If any ASU funds are being used to pay for all or a portion of your business travel, a request must be submitted in Concur.
  • Flights must be booked with Anthony travel or using the Concur Booking tool, after your trip request is approved. Any flight purchased personally, will risk being denied reimbursement
  • Hotels can be purchased in the Concur booking tool using your personal card. If a conference is offering a special rate, you will not be able to access it in Concur and are free to book outside of Concur. Additionally, if it is more cost effective to stay in an AirBnB or similar, that can also be booked outside of Concur on your personal card.
International Travel
  • Faculty/ Staff/ Post-Docs: International travel requires a few extra steps in the approval process. The responses you list on the Travel Form will give your Travel Partner the information we need to process your request. 
    • Please submit your travel form as far in advance as possible as it can take an additional 2 weeks for approval
  • Student International Travel: Students traveling internationally must register their trip via the Global Education Office's student travel registry. Once approved, this registration will be attached to your Concur request
  • More information can be found here: 
Other Resources
  • Concur can be accessed by going to > My ASU TRIP Access
  • If you will be using your personal vehicle to travel to your destination, you will need to complete the Reimbursement for Mileage and Car Expenses form with specific addresses.
  • All ASU employees, student workers and registered volunteers who drive ASU-owned, leased or rented vehicles for official university business must complete the Authorized Driver Program.