BA Anthropology

Are you intrigued by human behavior, world travel and foreign cultures? An anthropology degree gives you the tools to better understand human interactions and find jobs in museums, government agencies and the corporate world, where your expertise will help find solutions to today's most pressing issues.


BS Anthropology

Are you torn between studying history or biology? You can explore both while learning about human origins, ancient cultures and what it means to be human. Obtain in-depth knowledge of human evolution, adaptability and behavior, and you'll have an edge when pursuing your chosen career.

Do you want to help prevent disease outbreaks, disasters or addictions? Today, we have access to more data than ever before, making math crucial to understanding and improving human safety, health and security. Learn the practical theories, models and approaches of this new scientific movement.


BA Global Health

Are you passionate about helping people? Do you want to improve lives around the world? Explore human health holistically and develop skills to help others thrive. Learn about vital resources and vulnerable populations as you prepare for a career in public health policy, disaster management or health education.