Engaging Speakers, Artists and Performers Overview

When engaging speakers, artists, or performers for an ASU event, Business Ops will assist with ensuring that their payment is processed in a timely manner. One of the following must be completed prior to the event:

Payments to speakers, artists, and performers are processed by Business Ops after the event takes place and through ASU’s financial management system, Workday. The speaker will need to be registered as a supplier in Workday, and Business Ops will reach out to them with instructions.

Insurance Requirements or Waivers
ASU's insurance does not cover speakers, artists or performers on campus which means that ASU requires third-party providers to maintain insurance for themselves. In situations where the third party cannot meet the insurance requirements of the university's agreement, Risk Management will review the third party's concerns, the scope of work and the established insurance requirements. When appropriate, Risk Management may modify or waive the standard insurance requirements.

In these cases, departments can request a speaker, artist or performer insurance waiver.

Other Resources 

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