Online Degrees

Anthropology BA

The online anthropology degree builds skills and perspectives about human biology and culture. This field embraces the scientific study of human relationships and behavior, placing us within the natural world. Throughout the program, you’ll develop the ability to think critically and write effectively. These skills are useful for a variety of career paths and will benefit you as you advance in your career of choice.

Anthropology BS

Are you torn between studying history or biology? The Bachelor of Science in anthropology online allows you to do both. The gained knowledge of human behavior will give you an edge in science, medicine and other career fields.

Global Health BA

Arizona State University’s global health program employs a transdisciplinary lens to explore contemporary health challenges and ways to solve them. In this program, you’ll develop a broad set of abilities for addressing complex health issues while learning about factors that influence well-being across different cultures, places and times. Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared to pursue a career in community or public health.

Global Health MS

Learn to solve community and global health issues – and make a lasting impact on the world – with a master’s in global health degree.