Current Employees

Please review the following information about your position with SHESC and the university. Our Human Resources Specialist is the primary point of contact for any questions on this or other HR topics.

Timesheets and Leave Reports

SHESC uses Time and Attendance Support (TAS), a web-based time approval system that is adjunct to the PeopleSoft time reporting system. All employees use the TAS system to request and/or report time taken and/or worked (dependent on the category of employee), and enter their time in the PeopleSoft time-reporting system.

Payroll reminders will be sent with detailed instructions for entering time into both TAS and PeopleSoft.

If you have problems accessing either system or have questions on your timesheet, please contact SHESC-HR.

Leaves Management

Please contact SHESC-HR regarding any leave (FMLA or ASU Leave) request. You can review the University’s policies regarding leaves at Staff Personnel Manual (SPP) for staff and Academic Affairs Manual (ACD) for academic personnel.

Worker's Compensation

If you have been injured on the job, please report your injury to your supervisor immediately. For a step-by-step process on how to report your injury, please review packet at ASU Worker's Compensation Packet. Send completed packet and questions to SHESC-HR.


If you have questions regarding your benefits including Health, Life Insurance, Disability and Retirement please visit the benefits page here. If you do not get the answers or resolution you are looking for, please contact SHESC-HR.

Residency Assistance (Visas)

Please visit the International Students and Scholars Center for information. If you have any questions, please follow up with SHESC-HR.

Faculty Summer Pays

Notices will be sent during the spring semester to faculty regarding teaching, research or other work being performed during the summer.

  • Summer Research Pay - If you a receiving full or partial summer pay from SHESC, contact Misa Pham to request summer pay.
  • Summer Teaching Pay - The SHESC Director and The College Dean approve the summer teaching schedule. Summer teaching offer letters will be issued once approval is received

Performance Evaluations

Staff performance evaluations have transitioned to EDGE Conversations which are a forward-focused performance management tool that helps employees to thrive. This will involve quarterly check-ins between employee and their supervisors to establish expectations, feedback, ad any training needed to help them meet their job goals.

Changes in Employee Position

Any changes in employee position including FTE, account, salary or title, must have proper approval. Please contact SHESC-HR to request a change to any employee’s position.