SHESC and Center Logos

ASU has strict requirements for the use of any university or unit logos. Please review the information below prior to using a logo on any printed materials, websites or other channels visible to the public.

For faculty/staff use

  1. In general, you must notify the communications services team in advance of intent to use the SHESC logo in any public-facing fashion. This is to ensure the project’s scope, goals, and materials all comply with unit brand standards as well as enterprise ASU branding rules.
  2. The school logo cannot be used for any personal, unofficial, or student projects unless part of an official template created and distributed by the school (research poster templates available here, etc.) or advanced permission from the communications team is secured.
  3. As of 2017, the old SHESC logo was replaced with the updated endorsed logo and the old logo cannot continue be used or circulated in any official capacity. Documents, materials, etc. featuring the old logo should either be retired/recycled, or updated/re-ordered with the new logo.
  4. Use of the logo on SHESC letterhead, stationary, etc. does not require communications team notification but should only be used for official business and by school faculty and staff.

Request SHESC logo

To obtain the SHESC logo files, please email Nicole Pomerantz.

For affiliated centers, institutes and SHESC-owned facilities

When using your endorsed logos in print projects, please be aware that only one endorsed logo can be used per item. In most cases, that will be your own if you have one, or SHESC's if not.

When using your endorsed logo for print projects specifically, please include text below that designates your relationship to the school (i.e., "a ____ of the School of Human Evolution and Social Change"). In some rare cases, the general ASU logo with the printed name of both institutions may alternately be required.

Note: The requirement to designate your relationship to the school below your logo does not extend to web, social or other uses.

Please contact the SHESC communications team with any question or concerns regarding your endorsed logo usage, or to request a new endorsed logo.