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The school’s central staff consists of four units:

  • Administrative Services manages our main office operations, facilities and events, in addition to supporting the directorate, faculty, staff and students.
  • Business Services manages the financial, human resources and research administration functions of the school.
  • Communications Services raises awareness of our work across print and digital media.
  • Student and Academic Services provides advising and other resources for our undergraduate and graduate students.

Under the Affiliated Center Staff tab, you can also find contacts from our Center for Archaeology and Society, Center for Bioarchaeological Research, Center for Global Health, Teotihuacan Research LaboratoryDigital Antiquity, and Obesity Solutions.

School leadership and center directors are found on our Leadership page.

Administrative Operations Manager
Assistant to the Director
Office Specialist
Business Operations Manager
Research Advancement Specialist
Department HR Specialist
Business Operations Specialist
Marketing and Communications Manager
Communications Assistant
Digital Communications Coordinator
Manager of Student and Academic Services
Academic Success Specialist
Academic Success Specialist
Academic Success Specialist
Student Support Specialist
Exhibit Developer, CAS
Digital Communications Specialist, IHO
Director of Technology, Digital Antiquity
Academic Professional, Teotihuacan Research Laboratory
Digital Library Software Engineer, Digital Antiquity
Marketing and Sales Coordinator, Digital Antiquity
Digital Data Curator, Digital Antiquity
Assistant Research Scientist, IHO
Coordinator, CGH and CBR
Coordinator, Education and Programs, CAS
Coordinator, IHO
Assistant Research Scientist, Obesity Solutions, ASU and Research Affliate, Research Department, Mayo Clinic
Proposal Manager, Obesity Solutions
Assistant Director, Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve
Program Manager, IHO
Coordinator, Obesity Solutions
Specialist, CAS
Assistant Director, IHO
Assistant Director, CAS
Project Coordinator, Social Entrepreneurship and Career Pathways Study
Digital Curator, Digital Antiquity
Office Assistant/Receptionist, Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve
Associate Director, Obesity Solutions
Assistant Director, School of Human Evolution and Social Change