Annual Progress Reports


PhD students are evaluated each Spring semester for the previous calendar year (e.g., during Spring 2020 students will be evaluated for the calendar year 2019, i.e., Spring 2019 and Fall 2019). Each student’s progress will be evaluated by their approach or degree faculty in consultation with the student’s committee chair, based on school-wide criteria and a school-wide scoring system.

Students in the Master of Science in Global Health Program are not required to complete the Annual Progress Report.

Your annual progress report includes:

  • The completion and submission of the SHESC PhD Annual Review Form 
  • The submission your most recent CV
  • Copy of your approved iPOS (please save just the Summary/Submit tab from the iPOS as a PDF to submit)
  • The submission of evidence of your Annual Committee Meeting during calendar year (e.g., agenda of issues discussed signed by committee chair and all members). If you are in your first year in the program you are not expected to have held a committee meeting during your first calendar year and do not have to submit any evidence.
  • The submission of your Mentoring Plan (starting January 20th of the year you are submitting)

By January 20, all PhD students much complete the SHESC PhD Annual Review Form. Before beginning the form, students should have all required documents ready to submit. 

By May 1, PhD students will receive letters from their approach/degree head or committee chair summarizing the results of the evaluation, including their overall score, whether the student received an S, C, or U, comments on the student’s performance (specifically what they are doing well and what they can do better), and support for the student’s next steps, including concrete recommendations for what should be accomplished in the following year, based on the plans laid out in the Mentoring Plan

Mentoring Plan 

PhD students are required to meet with their committee at least once each calendar year. Failing to arrange an annual committee meeting will put a student one semester behind schedule. A mentoring plan form must be filled out during the annual committee meeting. The student must fill out sections 1-3 of the mentoring plan before they meet with their committee and bring the document to the meeting, where the remaining sections will be filled out in consultation with their committee.