Student Clubs

Get involved, flex your interests and build skills and networks to last a lifetime.

The School of Human Evolution and Social Change offers student-run clubs for undergraduates and graduate students, connecting you with activities on campus and in the community. Explore your interests outside the classroom and strengthen your peer network by participating. 

See below for information on all of our student clubs and organizations. Learn more about our graduate student clubs and organizations.

Undergraduate Anthropology Association (UAA)

The Undergraduate Anthropology Association (UAA) creates opportunities for professional development and networking with faculty and other anthropology majors that will promote skills for future success inside and outside the field of anthropology. The club sponsors various activities, such as lectures on a range of topics of interest to students; informational seminars on pursuing scholarships, awards, and advanced degrees in anthropology; and field trips to local museums. The club also provides access to volunteer and internship opportunities. The Undergraduate Anthropology Association is open to all students.

Students can join by signing up via SunDevilSync. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

UAA officers

Global Health Student Association (GHSA)

The Global Health Student Association (GHSA) is a pre-professional student-run organization for undergraduates interested in global health. Our goals are twofold. First, we seek to increase members’ understanding of global health – as a field, a major and a profession. Second, we strive to connect our members with resources, such as internships, research opportunities and graduate school information, so that they may further pursue their academic and/or professional interests in global health. Essentially, we provide students with the tools necessary to be successful after their time at ASU in the world of global health.

Membership is not limited to global health majors; anyone with an interest in global health is welcome to join!

For more information or to join, contact or find them on Instagram

GHSA officers

Unified Anthropology Association Online (UAAO)

The purpose of the Unified Anthropology Association Online at ASU (UAAO) is to connect students through digital media and social media platforms through their shared interests in anthropology along with its sub and related disciplines, to foster a network for both online and on-campus students so that physical distance is not a limiting factor, to connect students with faculty and research/field opportunities, and to keep students engaged with their peers. This shall be done through social/topic-specific/ official zoom meetings, social media posts, streamed lectures, digital group anthropology movie nights, an internal book club, a newsletter featuring writings from different members each edition, informational panels, collaboration when possible with the other chapter(s) of the Unified Anthropology Association at ASU, and more! The association shall also engage in community service, collaboration, and cohesion with underlying values of equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and decolonialism. 

UAAO cfficers 
President: Cheyenne Barron 
Vice President of Operations & Liaison: Vacant 
Vice President of Diversity & Outreach: Angela Ho 
Vice President of Communication & Design: Jonathan Hazel 

Association of All Graduate Students (AAGS)

These dedicated leaders and volunteers provide a number of activities on your behalf and serve as a forum where your concerns as a graduate student can be heard. The group acts as a direct link with the school’s faculty, administration, ASU Graduate College, other ASU graduate students and our undergraduate majors, to facilitate better informed decisions regarding student life. AAGS was named the Outstanding Graduate Student Organization at the 2014-15 ASU Pitchfork Awards Ceremony and earned the ASU Hall of Fame Outstanding Graduate Student Organization award for 2010-11, so your fellow graduate student leaders are among the best on campus.

Visit the AAGS site for more information.