Undergraduate Research Experiences

Experiences that shape your future

Since 2011, the School of Human Evolution and Social Change has been a leader in providing access to undergraduate research experiences. With one of the largest undergraduate research programs, thousands of students have participated alongside our world-renowned faculty in various hands-on, research experiences, including research apprentices, in practicum courses, individually directed, and on study abroad programs.

We’ve purposely designed our research opportunities to be easily accessible for students, no matter where you are in the world.

Why Participate in Undergraduate Research Experiences? 

Undergraduate research experience are considered a high-impact practice that supplements in class learning because students work directly with faculty, graduate students, and fellow undergraduates in group settings to gain research skills. Our research shows that undergraduates who participate in research gain key skills in conducting research (like how to collect, manage, and analyze data) as well as important transferrable skills (such as how to collaborate, manage time, and problem-solve).

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Our research apprenticeship program places 75+ undergraduate students into ongoing research projects directed by 20+ participating faculty each semester. 

Have a project idea of your own? Apply for a Research Award to help support you as you collect and analyze your own data.

Supported by the College, online students can participate in a variety of experiences lead by our faculty and faculty from other academic units.

Looking for hands-on research experience? Want to learn techniques from and work directly with social scientists? Become a Summer Scholar at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change. 

Build your resume/academic CV by presenting research you’ve worked on at our annual research symposium. All students in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change are welcome to present a poster.

Honors students can take their research experience to the next level and work alongside our faculty in this one-of-a-kind program.