Teotihuacan Research Laboratory


Funding is critical for the maintenance and growth of the ASU Teotihuacan Research Laboratory.

Give to the Teotihuacan Research Laboratory Endowment

While individual research projects typically obtain their own external funding, we have established an endowment to provide for the facility itself. 

We are looking for funds to:

  • maintain the physical facilities,
  • support the operating costs of the lab,
  • provide scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students, and
  • support individual ASU research projects at the site.

We also need to raise funds for an urgently needed expansion of our storage capacity. Our shelves are just about full of artifact boxes, and fieldwork continues to bring in more artifacts.

If you are interested in supporting the vision of the ASU Teotihuacan Research Laboratory, please consider giving to the Teotihuacan Research Laboratory Endowment.

Give to the René Millon Memorial Scholarship Fund

One of the field’s great contributors, René Millon’s many decades of research at Teotihuacan not only changed how we think about that site, but also how we conceptualize and study preindustrial cities.

This account funds student scholars who will work under expert oversight to continue Millon’s legacy by maintaining one of his highest priorities: the continued use of the Teotihuacan Mapping Project (TMP) collections and associated materials. Fifty years on, the TMP remains the gold standard by which all urban archaeological mapping projects are measured. With this fund, students and their supervisors will help complete the analyses and work of the TMP.

Please contact Professor Michael E. Smith for more information on supporting this fund.