Faculty Spotlight



Christopher Stojanowski + Kelly Knudson
Associate Professors
The work of these ASU bioarchaeologists is helping piece together the origins, histories and identities of past peoples. Recently, they pooled their efforts to study how climate instability affected the mobility of ancient peoples of the Sahara.

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Student Spotlight

Megan Best
Anthropology, Biological SciencesThe double major merged her love of animals with her interest in anthropology to create a specialized foundation in primate behavior. The recipient of a research award that paired her with noted primatologist Joan Silk, Best will be continuing her research in the field when she travels to Kenya this July.

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featured project

Small World/Big Bodies


Biocultural Dimensions of Global Health

In our most recent iteration of this project, we are beginning to investigate how we might understand how large bodies become stigmatized through looking at this process in reverse and at high speed – ethnographically examining people’s shifting sense of body and self in the period of extremely rapid weight-loss that occurs post bariatric surgery.

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