Discovering the global human experience

The School of Human Evolution and Social Change is advancing knowledge of the global human experience through our transdisciplinary programs informed by groundbreaking, worldwide research in evolutionary and sociocultural anthropology, archaeology, bioarchaeology, global health and environmental social sciences

We work to preserve and learn from the past and present to help create a healthier, happier, more sustainable future. 


Generating new knowledge about our past and present to impact our future.

The research produced by world-renowned faculty is leading to new discoveries and insights to help us understand the global human experience — past, present and future.


to offer a global health degree.


research centers.

A top institution

for members of the National Academy of Sciences in anthropology.

Impactful research

happening in 40 countries around the world.

Preparing you for limitless career opportunities.

Our unique program offerings give students the opportunity to learn about the human experience both through coursework and unique research apprenticeships.

The skills learned here prepare students for a variety of fulfilling careers, such as:


Community organizer

Cultural resource manager

Data analyst

Environmental anthropologist



Forensic anthropologist

Historic preservationist

Immigration specialist

Policy analyst

Medical researcher

Museum collections specialist

Museum curator

Natural resource manager

International development coordinator

Project manager

Public health administrator

Social researcher

Catalina Alvarez Flores.


As a first-generation college student, I didn’t know what to expect coming here. The faculty and staff helped to provide me the tools to be successful so that I can give back to my community and tribe.”

Catalina Alvarez Flores
BA in anthropology, BS in family and human development, 2022. 

Exploring societies at sites across the globe. 

Groundbreaking research is happening globally to generate new knowledge about our human ancestors, our primate cousins, hunter-gatherer communities and more.

Our faculty and students lead transdisciplinary research in 40 countries around the world to fight water insecurity, create new understandings in evolutionary medicine, and are working every day to learn from our past and present to positively impact our future.

A student holds a bovid horn core at a research site.

Museum of the Human Story

ASU’s Museum of the Human Story provides the opportunity for the public to engage with our school and research through exhibitions and preservation efforts. The Museum gives our students the opportunity to practice community engaged work and gain experience in public education efforts through collections and exhibitions.

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