Faculty Spotlight

Alexandra Brewis Slade
President's Professor
Medical Anthropology
A leader in the field of obesity stigma, Brewis Slade co-directs the Mayo Clinic-ASU Obesity Solutions; directs the School of Human Evolution and Social Change as well as its Center for Global Health; and serves as the Associate Vice President for Social Studies. She recently convened a group of scholars for a one-day workshop designed to highlight obesity stigma research and devise ways of moving the field forward.

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student Spotlight

Diego Chowell
Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences 

The doctoral student is lead author of an article appearing in this month's edition of the Lancet Infectious Diseases. His research team, which includes Regents' Professor Carlos Castillo-Chavez and scientists from the ASU Biodesign Institute and the Public Health Agency of Canada, used mathematical modeling to understand the effect of early detection of Ebola.    

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featured project

Archaeology of the Human Experience


Culture, Heritage + Identity; Societies + their Natural Environments

Founded by Professor Michelle Hegmon, the Archaeology of the Human Experience is a revolutionary new research approach that asks archaeologists to relate to the ancient peoples they study by considering the context of their everyday lives.

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Join the symposium "Sustaining the Commons: Interplay between Theory + Practice" organized by the Center for Behavior, Institutions + the Environment.

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Save Your Data; Share Your Data: Planning (+ Budgeting) the Curation of Digital Archaeological Information
Archaeology Brown Bag
Leigh Ellison, Digital Antiquity

Friday, February 27, 1 p.m.

Night of the Open Door


Speaking for the Dead: Exploring Forensic Anthropology
Exhibit Soft Opening
Innovation Gallery (SHESC Bldg.)
4–9 p.m.

Explore Your Origins!
Institute of Human Origins (SS Bldg. Entrance + SS 103)
4–8 p.m.

Saturday, February 28

Remotely Sensed Stories: Land Use, Land Cover, Desert Urbanization, Agricultural Water Use + Climate Change
Soe W. Myint, ASU School of Geographical Sciences + Urban Planning
Center for Behavior, Institutions + the Environment Brown Bag

Monday, March 2, 12:30 p.m.
Wrigley Hall 102