Center for Global Health

Training and Services

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For Students
We collaborate closely with ASU student programs in global health, anthropology, environmental social science, and the Study Abroad Office to provide innovative, practical learning experiences focused on global health challenges. Our goal is to provide students with extraordinary opportunities to learn as global health practitioners by providing the highest quality experiential and research opportunities. These include award-winning study abroad programs; participation in field data collection projects in many different countries and health environments; service learning in Arizona; lab-based research internships and apprenticeships on campus; and through massive scale publicly-open instruction and citizen science. Students are fully integrated into all our center efforts, providing greater energy, insights and impact for our core research and outreach activities.

Learn through a research apprenticeship with one of our faculty-led global health research projects.

Join us on a study abroad program.

Do international service learning.

For Development

We work with development contractors to support rigorous social research. We have particular expertise in designing data collection, training teams, and detailed technical support through analysis, at baseline and for subsequent monitoring and evaluation.

Our team has worked in every world region and are world renowned experts in many development domains relevant to global heath, including climate change, biodiversity, health care, gender, nutrition, food and water insecurity, poverty, discrimination, conflict and peacekeeping, and migration. We have extensive professional networks with social scientists across the globe, including many robust partnerships with academics and practitioners in lower and middle income countries.

Housed with the nation’s largest and top-ranked anthropology program, we have unmatched access to ethnographic and practical expertise relevant to working with vulnerable groups (women, immigrants, minorities, HIV+, etc.) and in lower income countries.

Scholarly Outreach

As part of scholarly outreach, Regent's Professor Alex Brewis is  engaged in advancing anti-stigma efforts in medical and public health practice. She has recently developed a stigma awareness/reduction training for CHES credit that is offered free through the Western Public Health Training Center. 

Learn more about the importance of understanding, and pushing back against stigma with this interview for PBS Horizon.