Center for Global Health

About Us

The promise of global health requires us to address some of the most complex and difficult challenges facing humans. From water insecurity to obesity, sustainable solutions will need to address not just the medical, but also the social, cultural, political, ecological and economic dimensions of human life in a globalized era. These complexities are often emergent and surprising, and confound all our conventional approaches to improving health.

The Center for Global Health was founded in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change in 2006 to advance our ability to understand and address global health challenges as a critical, complex part of the broader human condition. Leveraging ASU’s massive capacities in social science and in cross-cultural research, we question our most basic assumptions about why people get sick and what we should do about it. As social scientists, we see social and cultural processes at the center of most global health challenges, and the crucial place to start to develop sustainable, effective solutions.