Center for Global Health

Putting People First

The promise of global health requires us to address some of the most complex and difficult challenges facing humans. From water insecurity to obesity, sustainable solutions will need to address not just the medical, but also the social, cultural, political, ecological and economic challenges we face in a globalized era. Our research, training, and outreach efforts in global health are about understanding and supporting communities confronting global health challenges. Located in the school that has the nation’s foremost research-intensive anthropology program gives us a unique means to build the global health solutions that put people first.

Our Center Theme 2020-2021

COVID Complexities
Megan Jehn sorts food as part of a COVID response effort
Associate Professor Megan Jehn helps prepare boxes with ASU's COVID-19 Response Team in Guadalupe, Arizona, as they assist with the distribution of food to residents.

Each year our center pushes forward one ground-breaking and important theme that we believe can reinvent and reimagine how we do global health.

In 2020-21 we are leveraging knowledge and skills that we gained from our work around annual center themes the last four years (stigma, citizen science, water insecurity and food insecurity). This allows us to address the complexities of how health is affected by COVID-19 and attendant challenges like quarantine in innovative ways. Accordingly, we are advancing on three solutions this year:

  • Predicting how stigma affects capacities to prevent and treat COVID-19?
  • How can social research method innovation, including in research that engages non-scientists, better identify and predict the human costs and implications of COVID-19, now and in the future?
  • How are responses to COVID-19 exacerbating food and water insecurity – and vice versa?

The center will be developing policy recommendations, writing commentaries, conducting online research and developing and offering virtual training workshops for specialists and the public.

In addition, CGH is supporting the vital work of our global health faculty and students to advance effective contact tracing in Arizona, under the lead of epidemiologist Megan Jehn.