Clean Indoor Air Project - Community Impact

Our team has deployed more than 400 CR boxes to over 200 schools in more than 20 cities across Arizona. 

Check out our ASU CR Box Tracker  Map to see ASU donated C-R box units

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Learn about our latest collaborations and partnerships, and explore ways to get involved and promote awareness in your community.

ASU volunteers build portable air cleaners for K-12 Arizona schools Classroom Filters vs. COVID. Our team has deployed more than 400 CR boxes to over 200 schools in more than 20 cities across Arizona. 

Collaboration and Partnerships

We value our collaborations with Arizona K-12 schools! 

With one of our school partners, we organized a Women in Stem event for 8th-grade students, a school-wide CR box build and decorating contest, an ASU campus field trip, and a clean indoor air study in classrooms.

Check out the Arizona Public Health Association (AZPHA) poster to learn more about our partnership: Improving Indoor Air Quality in Arizona Schools: A Middle School Student-Led Initiative to Study, Design, and Build DIY Air Cleaner

Photo: Red Rock ASU Field Trip 4/27/23

Real-world problem-solving with 5th-grade students! 

Our ASU undergraduate team facilitated a CR box build at Redfield Elementary School that included a hands-on STEM lesson.

Testimonials from Arizona 5th-grade students 

  • “You guys are fun and smart.”
  • “I can’t wait to go to college.”
  • “Thanks for helping me with the math.” 
  • “Thanks for teaching me how to make a difference!”

ASU/SciStarter Citizen Science partnership

Assessing Indoor Air Quality Kits are available now, free at participating libraries! Citizen science programs can raise awareness about the importance of ventilation and address inequities in access to air quality monitoring devices.  Now, anyone can check out CO2 monitoring kits at libraries across Arizona and contribute to indoor air research. The kit includes a CO2 monitor, instructions for use, and steps that can be taken to improve indoor air quality and health outcomes. Learn more here:

To view a map of participating libraries