Two of only five research projects funded from a 2013 National Science Foundation Frontiers in Earth Systems Dynamics (NSF-FESD) grant program are led by, or have primary researchers from ASU.

As the world’s population grows, balancing sustainable agriculture with increased crop production is becoming a rising challenge.

ASU students have the opportunity to study ancient Greek and Roman language, history, culture and archeology – the roots of modern academic programs in the humanities – with the School of Internati

Earlier this week, news broke that a large number of the uncontacted Mashco-Piro tribe of the Peruvian Amazon ventured into the open on a riverbank across from the Yine Indian community of Monte Sa

Eleanna Prevedorou was born and raised in the shadow of the Parthenon, within walking distance of the ruins of Plato’s Academy and the original Lyceum.

Regents’ Professor Emeritus Christy G. Turner II passed away on July 27 in his Tempe, Ariz. home. He was 79.

Among the key challenges faced by archaeologists are preserving the data generated by their research and providing other scholars with access to it.

Much goes on behind the scenes of a museum exhibit.

Mimbres pottery is one of the most treasured prehistoric ceramic traditions of North America.

On the evening of June 13, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art was the scene of the unique, interactive event known as “Edible Stories: From Desert Foods to Food Deserts.”

In a recent National Science Foundation article titled "Summertime: Hot Time in the City," seve

Five medieval skeletons, recovered from Scandinavia and Britain, have provided information on leprosy’s trajectory over the last millennia. Apparently, the disease hasn’t changed all that much.

The latest New York Times Magazine’s Innovations Issue examines the history of currency.

Arizona State University graduate student Katherine Miller has spent portions of the past nine years among ancient Maya bones and burials at Copan, Honduras.

Birds of a feather flock together. But why?

That is a mystery Arizona State University sociologist David Schaefer is trying to solve.

Alexandra Brewis Slade’s interest in obesity studies wasn’t greeted with enthusiasm at first.

Isotope analysis shows first evidence of grasses in an expanded diet and more flexibility in food choices

One of the perks of attending Arizona State University’s Child Development Laboratory (CDL) is its location on the Tempe campus.

Whether working as a research consultant for the television show “CSI,” teaching sixth-graders how to excavate or helping create a forensics training program, Arizona State University alumna Cassan

As an undergraduate global health student, Lorraine Sekito has already put her education to work to make a positive change in the world.

When Isa Rodriguez-Soto began her global health doctoral program at ASU in 2008, she wasn’t exactly sure what "global health" as a concept meant.

Two outstanding faculty members have been chosen to receive this year’s Zebulon Pearce Distinguished Teaching Award and Outstanding Lecturer or Instructor Award by the College of Liberal Arts and S

Dean’s Medals will adorn 20 of the nearly 3,000 ASU seniors graduating with degrees in natural sciences, humanities and social sciences this spring – an honor bestowed by the College of Liberal Art

Arizona State University archaeologist Anick Coudart has been awarded a lifetime service medal by France’s National Center for Scientific Research, for which she served as a senior research directo

Nearly 40 years ago, Arizona State University Regents’ Professor Jane E. Buikstra used the term “bioarchaeology” to describe the study of human remains in an archaeological context.

ASU professor Donald Johanson, the man who discovered the Lucy fossil in 1974, says he has always been a collector.

Christopher Boone, professor at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability and School of Human Evolution and Social Change, has been named the interim dean of the School of Sustainability

In rural India and Colombia, people are making time to play games that simulate real-life scenarios regarding increasingly diminishing water supplies.