Heat killed 139 people in Arizona in 2013. The best way to reduce that number is to be prepared.

Who will suffer most if things go wrong with nuclear power? Dean Kyne answers the question with a first-of-its-kind dissertation on nuclear risks from an environmental justice perspective.

Born in the outskirts of Havana City, Cuba, Oscar Patterson-Lomba came to the United States with the goal of becoming a scientist whose work changes people’s lives for the better.

Arizona State University announced today that the Mathematical, Computational and Modeling Sciences Center in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will be renamed as the Simon A.

Arizona State University alumnus Matthew Peeples has earned the 2014 Society for American Archaeology’s (SAA) Dissertation Award.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has launched a new initiative designed to reward outstanding doctoral and masters students recognized nationally or internationally during academic year 201

Earlier this month, a group of Arizona State University undergraduate students traveled to Washington, D.C., as part of Capitol Hill Days.

Arizona State University bioarchaeologist Jane Buikstra will be named an honorary doctor of science at Durham University this summer.

Over millennia, the Sahara has gone through cycles of greening and aridity.

Undergraduate research opportunities abound at Arizona State University, and archaeologist Michael E. Smith is one of the top faculty for providing them.

Central Arizona has a rich history of agriculture, contributing $9.2 billion toward the state’s economy.

Megan Best began college intending to become a marine biologist. As she moved through her coursework, she realized the fit wasn’t right.

Although many studies have associated the demise of complex societies with deteriorating climate, few have investigated the connection between an ameliorating environment, surplus resources, energy

Those who know Alissa Ruth are not surprised by her choice of dissertation topic.

Two teams from ASU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are making scientific breakthroughs by developing ways to prevent fogging on surgical lenses and producing a tablet that will immediately t

Anthropological geneticist Anne Stone spends much of her time trying to decipher the origins and evolutionary paths of some of the world’s oldest diseases.

It’s a myth that if you major in the liberal arts in college, you are destined for a lifetime of low-wage jobs and limited mobility, according to a recent report from the Association of American Co

ASU asked several graduates with liberal arts degrees to describe their career experiences and the choices they have made. Would they do anything differently in preparing for a career?

If you find archaeological accounts dry and irrelevant, Arizona State University archaeologist Michelle Hegmon has three letters for you: AHE.

Following a natural disaster, vulnerability to food shortage appears to depend more on a group’s ability to migrate and form positive relationships with other groups than on resource factors.

The Origins Project at Arizona State University is hosting a weekend celebration of its fifth anniversary by focusing on the future of humanity in “Transcending our Origins: Violence, Humanity and

Dogs have long held a special place in the hearts of humans. For the Aztecs, they were guides into the afterlife and guardians of the living, the dead and sites of importance.

Anthropologist Casandra Hernandez juggles issues of identity, culture and social engagement in her career.

What role does pre-existing vulnerability play for people who experience a climate shock? Does it amplify the effect of the climate shock, or is the effect negligible?

Known as the “City of the Gods,” Teotihuacan is famous for its immense pyramids and ornate carvings and murals.

Assembling a picture of past environments always involves detective work.

ASU's School of International Letters and Cultures in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is teaming up with the Archeological Institute of America, Central Arizona Society and ASU’s Project H

Three senior faculty leaders with extensive teaching and research experience are joining Arizona State University’s Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development (OKED).