Center for Bioarchaeological Research


Here at the Center for Bioarchaeological Research (CBR), we strive to understand past peoples by examining their health, heritages, identities, ideologies, diets and patterns of mobility. Our exceptional faculty, state-of-the-art facilities and exciting research and field school opportunities will challenge you to innovate, make discoveries and ignite your passion for anthropological science. Come explore what CBR has to offer.

photo of postdoctoral researcher looking through archives

Research Projects

The center's research projects are wide ranging, dealing with many aspects of the human condition across time. Whether investigating life histories and population biology or host-pathogen co-evolution, our researchers examine remnants of our species' past to better understand some of today's most pressing challenges and to help prepare us for our future.

Kelly Knudson

Our Team

Founded by bioarchaeology pioneer Jane Buikstra and currently directed by bioarchaeologist and biogeochemist Kelly J. Knudson, the Center for Bioarchaeological Research gathers some of the field's leading luminaries in projects that expand our understanding of past lifeways, disease trajectories, human migration and more.

Photo of students in London

Study Abroad

Gain invaluable experience studying the complexities of health and disease in London through the Medieval and Victorian periods, while following in the footsteps of the Black Death and Jack the Ripper. Our study abroad program, led by Professors Kelly Knudson and Chris Stojanowski provides students with hands-on learning opportunities in bioarchaeology and global health as well as exciting visits to some of London’s greatest cultural sites.