Adaptation, Behavior, Culture and Society Research Group

Welcome to the Adaptation, Behavior, Culture and Society research group at Arizona State University.

ABC&S brings together scholars from across the social sciences and biological sciences who share an interest in using evolutionary tools, theories and insights to better understand how and why people behave as we do.

These pages let you explore who's doing what, where, and how you can get involved.

Upcoming Speakers

Feb. 3Fiona Jordan
Feb. 17Max Kleiman-Weiner
March 3Hannah Haynie
March 17Anjali Bhatt
March 31Alexandra Rosati
April 14Helena Miton
April 28Shenia Lew Levy


This is a picture of a chimpanzee hunting red colobus monkeys

Chaos or collaboration?

How and why did human beings evolve to cooperate with unrelated individuals or even strangers?

This is a photo of a young chimpanzee in Kimbale

The wild chimps of Kibale

ASU primatologist continues to find surprises in a chimpanzee stronghold in Uganda

This is a photo of the feet of numerous indiviuals standing in a circle

How we were raised, not physical environment, explains human behavior

Is the variation in human behavior a result of the environments that we have inhabited or the effect of cultural history and traditions that may have persisted over millennia?