Adaptation, Behavior, Culture and Society Research Group

Welcome to the Adaptation, Behavior, Culture and Society research group at Arizona State University.

ABC&S brings together scholars from across the social sciences and biological sciences who share an interest in using evolutionary tools, theories and insights to better understand how and why people behave as we do.

Upcoming Speakers

The Evolution of Social Complexity speaker events are held on Wednesday from 12 to 1:15 p.m. in WCPH 209 (unless otherwise noted). View a map and directions.

Refreshments and light snacks are served.

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 17 Herman Pontzer, Duke University

Energy across time

Jan. 31 Martin Surbeck, Harvard University Cooperation and competition in the genus Pan
Feb. 7 Fernando Campos, University of Texas, San Antonio

Which types of social relationships matter? Affiliative bonds and mortality risk in wild primates

Feb. 21 Gillian Hadfield, University of Toronto

The normative infrastructure of Ccooperation

Feb. 28 Jacob Feder, Arizona State University

The ecology and evolution of social interdependence in primates

March 13 Dorsa Amir, UC Berkeley Culture and the developing mind
March 27 Michele Gelfand, Stanford University Cultural evolutionary mismatches in response to collective threat
April 10 Kristopher Smith, Washington State - Pullman How norms of cooperation shape partner choice in Hadza hunter-gatherers
April 24 Kelsey Lucca, Arizona State University Social influences on curiosity in early childhood



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