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Muslim Philippine women

Muslim Palawan: Diversity and Difference on the Periphery of Philippine Islam

This project concerns ethnic differences, Islamic consciousness and Muslim social integration on Palawan Island in the Philippines.

Mother and son at Japanese Friendship Festival

Japanese Diaspora: Peoples of Japanese Descent in the Americas

This project will examine peoples of Japanese descent in the Americas as part of the Japanese “diaspora” by comparing the ethnic and cultural experiences of the Japanese Americans and Japanese Brazilians in the varying ethnoracial contexts of the United States and Brazil.

Rainy season in Sahelian forest

Hydrology, Ecology and Pastoral Societies in the Sahel: Ephemeral and Perennial Water Resources in a Dynamic Coupled System

This project brings together an interdisciplinary team to examine the past, present and future impacts of watershed change on pastorialists and vegetation around the Agoufou lake in the Gourma region of Mali, West Africa.

Yucca House

Ethnographic Overview and Assessment of Mesa Verde National Park and Yucca House, New Mexico

An overview and assessment study will identify and document ethnographic resources within and associated with Mesa Verde National Park and Yucca House National Monument. This study will focus on past and present traditional land uses of cultural and natural resources, such as archaeological sites, plant and animal communities, minerals and physical locations that compose the ancestral landscape of these two parks.

Scientist holding beaker

Dynamics of Research Groups in Science

The project is concerned with the social organization and dynamics of research groups in science and engineering.