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Global Health and Medical Anthropology

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TB mycobacterium

An Investigation of the Evolutionary History of Tuberculosis Using Ancient DNA

The goal of this project is to analyze ancient DNA from skeletal samples dating before, during and after the “Age of Exploration” that show evidence of tubercular bone lesions and integrate these data with those of modern strains of tuberculosis to assess the evolutionary history of tuberculosis and its effects on human history.

Dr Amber Wutich

The Science of Water Art: A Citizen Science Project

The Science of Water Art project is a collaborative research project involving professionals, community members, college students and children, examining the role that water plays in each of our lives. Specifically, the project provides insights into how Arizona youth view the vital resource of water as they share perceptions of climate change and water insecurity through art.

Students collect data

Small World/Big Bodies

Small World/Big Bodies is a multi-year and multi-sited project tackling the complex question of how and why stigmatizing attitudes toward overweight and obese bodies are becoming more negative and spreading even as obesity becomes more common.

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Post-Bariatric Lives Project

This study seeks to understand the particular challenges people face in their everyday lives following bariatric surgery, and how these shape their long-term weight loss success.