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Satellite view of hurricane

Arizona State University will develop a modeling environment that couples the outcome of sophisticated simulations of weather conditions for hurricanes with an agent-based model of social actors who pursue, process and transmit information.

Computer network

Important challenges of scientific infrastructure have slowed the spread of computational modeling into research domains where it could be most profitably used. Building on a successful, National Science Foundation-funded pilot program, we propose to establish a scientific research collaboration network to confront and begin to mitigate these issues.

Chinese courtyard

The central objective of this proposal is to improve understanding of the joint consequences of socio-economic development and regional climate change by developing and applying tools to better integrate human and earth system models. We will pursue this objective by focusing on impacts in three key systems – urban areas, agriculture and forests – in three regional case studies in rapidly developing countries – China, India and Brazil.

Dr Amber Wutich

The Science of Water Art project is a collaborative research project involving professionals, community members, college students and children, examining the role that water plays in each of our lives. Specifically, the project provides insights into how Arizona youth view the vital resource of water as they share perceptions of climate change and water insecurity through art.

Polar Bear

This project seeks to understand the sharing networks of the Arctic communities of Wainwright, Venetie and Kaktovik in regards to potential risk from natural resource development in the area.

Rainy season in Sahelian forest

This project brings together an interdisciplinary team to examine the past, present and future impacts of watershed change on pastorialists and vegetation around the Agoufou lake in the Gourma region of Mali, West Africa.