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globe surrounded by people

Designing SKOPE: Synthesized Knowledge of Past Environments

The goal of this project is the design of a SKOPE (Synthesized Knowledge of Past Environments), a cybertool that given a location and a temporal interval will integrate contemporary, historic and paleoenvironmental data and return a synthesis of key environmental parameters relevant to humans.

Mimbres pot

Eastern Mimbres Archaeological Project

This project is concerned with investigating socio-ecological processes associated with the elaborate developments during the Classic period (AD 1000-1130) and the regional reorganization in the subsequent Postclassic.

Hohokam canal excavation

Mapping the Historical Development of Canal System 1

This project studies the development of large-scale water management and complex social institutions through the example of the prehistoric Hohokam of south-central Arizona, builders of the largest hydraulic works in Pre-Columbian North America, with a 1,000-history of irrigation practice and expansion.

Malpaso Valley

The Complexity of Ecological and Social Diversity

This project leverages archaeology’s potential to document the desertification of grasslands on a time scale far grander than that of written history by applying its focus on the strategic location of the Malpaso Valley, Zacatecas.

View of Ajitos from Los Pitos

Proyecto Arqueologico La Mixtequilla

Since 1984 Dr. Barbara Stark has directed survey and mapping in the western Lower Papaloapan basin to investigate settlement patterns, economy, and political organization from a long-term regional perspective in south-central Veracruz.

Serpis Valley

Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics

This research integrates computational modeling of the recursive processes that drive human and natural landscape dynamics, validated through empirical studies in the earth, life and social sciences.

fossilized bones

Faunal Resource Depression and Intensification in the North American Southwest: Digital Data and Regional Synthesis

This project employs an innovative and powerful approach to the synthesis of archaeological data to address a central research question: What is the relationship between Southwestern U.S. faunal resource procurement and demographic, social organizational and environmental change? 

Tiwanaku ruins in La Paz, Bolivia

Away from Home: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Migration within the Tiwanaku Periphery

This project will significantly alter current understandings of early South American complex polities, while the innovative interdisciplinary approach employed provides future researchers with the tools necessary to identify the significance of individual actors in large-scale and long-term social transformations. 

Calixtlahuaca, Mexico

Urban Economy of Aztec-Period Calixtlahuaca, Mexico

This archaeological project address two research questions: 1) How was the economy of the ancient city of Calixtlahuaca organized? and 2) How did large processes such as conquest by the Aztec empire affect life, society and economy at Calixtlahuaca?

Chinese terracotta warriors

The Quality of the Archaeological Record

The goal of this project is to improve our understanding of the quality of the archaeological record.