College Survival Guide

Here at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change, we know a bit about what it takes to survive and thrive as a species, and soon you will too. In the meantime, here are some quick tips to help you hack campus life like a pro.

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What communications should I look for from SHESC?

Adding to your contacts list is a must-do, so your advisors can email you important academic information. To stay in the loop on other school news and breakthroughs, upcoming events, faculty and peer achievements, and more, be sure to subscribe to our digest newsletter.

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How can I get involved?

Depending on your focus, you can connect with the executive student officers at either of SHESC’s two student clubs, the Undergraduate Anthropology Association or the Global Health Student Association. Getting involved with these student clubs and other volunteer and internship opportunities is the best way to directly shape the future of your field and your school.

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Who’s my advisor?

During your first year, advising sessions are scheduled with a representative from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences advising hub in Armstrong Hall. Email them at From sophomore year and beyond, you’ll be working directly with our school’s stellar onsite advising team. Email the team at

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How do I avoid laundry mishaps?

Wash white clothes separately from colors. Unbutton shirts before washing. Use cold water for colors, warm water for whites, and hot water (or the “sanitize” setting) for sheets and towels. Delicate items can be washed inside a mesh bag/zippered pillowcase, and stains should be hit with a Tide stick ASAP and then washed at your leisure. Shake clothes before drying, and try the old backpacker’s trick of tightly rolling your dried clothes (saves on space and ironing time!).

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Feeling like a zombie ... Where can I caffeine up?

Starbucks at the MU, the Noble Library, W.P. Carey and Palo Verde East hub; Charlie’s Café at Hayden Library; Cupz Coffee on College, north of University; Dutch Bros on Rural and Lemon (open 24 hours!), and Cartel Coffee Lab on Ash south of University are all nearby.

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*Sniffle, *cough … Where’s the closest pharmacy?

Need a check up? Check out ASU Health Services right on Tempe campus! Need to fill or refill a prescription in the middle of the night? The Walgreens at Mill and Broadway and the CVS Pharmacy at Mill and University are both open 24 hours.

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I locked myself out of my car! Who can I call?

If you are stuck staring at your keys through the window (or have a dead battery) and are in an ASU permit or visitor lot, call the free Motorist Assistance Program at 480-965-0641 (Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.) before exploring any paid options. If you’re alone and want an escort to your car, call the free ASU Safety Escort Service at 480-965-1515.

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Where’s a quiet study spot?

Library too full for your liking? We have an undergraduate student lounge with couches, a fridge, a microwave and books in SHESC 140. As the weather cools off, the ASU Secret Garden is also a relaxing spot. We can’t say exactly where it is, but you might start looking around West Hall.

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Where can I get groceries?

In addition to the campus stores, there is a Safeway, Walmart, and Tempe Farmers Market (8-11 a.m. only) within walking distance. By car or bus, Fry’s, Sprouts, Smart & Final, Food City and Target are all within about a 10-minute drive. Some local grocery stores also deliver!

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Do I really have to wear flip flops in the dorm showers?

It’s strongly advised. According to, your average household tub/shower has more germs per square inch than a trash can, so it’s a real must in communal bathrooms to avoid athlete’s foot or worse. Our human ancestors no doubt had some funky feet, but that’s no reason to keep with tradition.

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Where’s a cheap spot to go with friends or a date?

“First Friday” is a community event along Mill Avenue on the first Friday of every month, with food, drinks, music, and exhibits by local artists and art galleries. Or consider First Fridays in Downtown Phoenix (take the light rail for $2 one way!). There’s almost always a game to attend (free for ASU students - excluding football and men’s basketball games), so bring your student ID. Tempe Town Lake is a perfect place for a leisurely walk or bike ride, and Papago Park and its famous “hole in the rock” is just a quick drive or bike from campus.

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Where can I access a computer on the fly?

All ASU libraries plus the COOR Building and Computing Commons have public computers, printers and some technical support. If you’re having on-campus internet access or Blackboard issues, you can call the ASU Help Desk at 855-278-5080. For computer and mobile device support, try taking it to UTO’s Technology Studio in Computing Commons for a possible fix.

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How do I cope with this heat?

Our extreme summer temps only last June - August, but sunscreen and water are your two best friends in the desert all year around. Keep your water bottle handy for the filtered refilling stations on each floor of SHESC and in most campus buidings, and make sure to take advantage of your free membership to the Sun Devil Fitness Complex and its amazing pool (open seven days a week, but with an earlier close on Fridays).

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