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Welcome to ASU’s School of Human Evolution and Social Change, a hub of discovery in the global human experience. We help forge a better world through the study of past societies and the present human condition, seeking solutions through the lens of evolution and culture. And we investigate the most pressing problems facing our species within the broadest possible historical and cross-cultural contexts.

Christopher Stojanowski

Our faculty work at time scales across millions of years, from the processes and environments that led to our unique bodies and behaviors, as well as over the very short term, such as documenting the experiences of people in their daily lives. Our collective work explores the nature of urban environments and the earliest cities, ancient landscapes, health disparities in the past and present, the dynamics and nuances of life as a forager, the consequences of settling down in early villages, determining how human societies survive and thrive or whither and fail, the social and health costs of clean air and water, the importance of indigenous voices in decision-making and policy, and the deep primate roots of our behaviors.

We offer degrees in anthropology, global health, environmental social science and applied mathematics for the life and social sciences. Our scholars and courses stress the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to the complex social and political lives of humans. Ethnography, skeletal biology, materials science and social science survey methods are combined with expertise in modeling, statistics and data analysis. We employ computer simulations, micro CT scanning, genetic and isotopic analyses, survey instruments, and meticulous documentation to engage the communities we work in and with. Our work makes an impact and we want you to be part of it!

Studying at SHESC provides access to over 60 faculty, each an expert in their respective fields, in a dynamic place that values creativity and problem solving. Although many of us study the past, we are not beholden to past ways of doing. Our school is at the leading edge of online learning. We offer dozens of lab and field experiences throughout the world reflecting the fact that our faculty work in 45 different countries. We have intensive study abroad opportunities focused on global health. And we have a staff dedicated to the school’s mission — one that measures its success by your success.

You will be forever changed by your experience here. You will leave with a renewed perspective, a different sense of how the world works, of potential solutions to the problems we face. You will develop compassion for others and a deeper connection to the past. You will go into the world with a deep sense of curiosity, well prepared for lifelong learning and careers that advance humanity.

Christopher Stojanowski
Professor and Director
School of Human Evolution and Social Change