Evolutionary Anthropology

Anthropology of Host-Pathogen Co-Evolution
This project examines the co-evolution of humans and our pathogens using an anthropological perspective that incorporates both evolutionary time depth, and short-term individual and species histories... (more)
Genetic History of Peru
Debate about the patterning of genetic diversity in human populations has centered on the importance of language, geography, and sex-biased gene flow, as well as the extent and origin of admixture.... (more)
Population Affinity Assessment of Glen Canyon and Navajo Reservoir Prehistoric Skeletal Remains
The ultimate objective of the project is synthesis and interpretation of the physical anthropology data from skeletal remains excavated from the following Southwestern regions: Glen Canyon Project (... (more)
Primate Diversity
Professor Leanne Nash's research focuses on species at very different ends of the spectrum of primate diversity: small, nocturnal prosimians (mainly galagos and Lepilemur) and our closest living... (more)