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Obesity Solutions

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The research behind this project involves creating transdisciplinary solutions to obesity (including related stigma) at the intersection of social, life, applied and clinical sciences. The project is designed to strengthen obesity science through engagement with complex adaptive systems science and through participatory action research (community based) models to address obesity at the community level.

Obesity Solutions is a transdisciplinary, collaborative effort to make sense of the confusing scientific knowledge and human emotions around weight, so we can create solutions that work in the real world. Recent research activities with the School of Human Evolution and Social Change have included efforts to understand weight stigma and weight gain in college students. Much of this research is done in collaboration with ASU student collaborators. 

 Visit the Obesity Solutions website for more information.

Select Publications:

Trainer, S., A. Brewis, D. Williams, and J. Rosales Chavez. 2015. Obese, fat, or “just big”? Young adult deployment of and reaction to weight terms. Human Organization 74 (3): 266-275.

Brewis, A., A Wutich, and D.Williams. 2015. Teaching obesity: Stigma, structure, and self. In: R. Wilk and C. Swift (eds), Teaching Food and Culture, chapter 3. Left Coast Press, pp 35-48.  

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Brewis, A., Breuning, M., I. van Woerden, and S. Nelson. Weight stigma and eating behaviors on a college campus: Are students immune to stigma effects? Provisionally accepted, Preventive Medicine Reports. 


Funding Source:
Piper Health Solutions 

Deb WilliamsDeborah WilliamsArizona State University School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Alexandra Brewis Slade, Arizona State University School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Meg BrueningArizona State University College of Health Solutions
Amber WutichAmber WutichArizona State University School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Seung Yong HanArizona State University School of Human Evolution and Social Change