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KDI: 3D Knowledge: Acquisition, Representation and Analysis in a Distributed Environment

The 3D Knowledge (3DK) project seeks to develop a knowledge network for the acquisition, representation, query and analysis of 3D knowledge in a distributed environment. Assuming that most such knowledge is inherent in and derivable from 3D geometric structures, new capabilities and corresponding tools will be developed for combining, classifying and analyzing 3D objects and phenomena at variable scales. 

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Digital Archiving of Cultural Reports

The establishment of the Center for Digital Antiquity at Arizona State University offers the Phoenix Area Office, Bureau of Reclamation an opportunity to make older reports on a major cultural resource mitigation program available in digital format not only to professional archaeologists and researchers, but in certain cases, to the interested public.

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Complexities of Ecological and Social Diversity: A Long-Term Perspective

This project is concerned with how interacting dimensions of social and ecological diversities create both short- and long-term tradeoffs. The research will explore which diversity tradeoffs can claim both short-term efficiency and longer-term resilience and will characterize diversity tradeoffs in social-ecological systems that sacrifice longer-term resilience for short-term gains.

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Council on Library Resources Postdoctoral Fellows in Data Curation

The ASU Libraries and the Center for Digital Antiquity are leaders in digital curation, maintaining unique digital repositories, one general purpose-focused on the research output of one of the country’s largest public universities, and the other a domain-specific repository for archaeology. 

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Designing SKOPE: Synthesized Knowledge of Past Environments

The goal of this project is the design of a SKOPE (Synthesized Knowledge of Past Environments), a cybertool that given a location and a temporal interval will integrate contemporary, historic and paleoenvironmental data and return a synthesis of key environmental parameters relevant to humans.

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Faunal Resource Depression and Intensification in the North American Southwest: Digital Data and Regional Synthesis

This project employs an innovative and powerful approach to the synthesis of archaeological data to address a central research question: What is the relationship between Southwestern U.S. faunal resource procurement and demographic, social organizational and environmental change? 

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Sustaining Digital Antiquity: Providing Preservation and Access for Archaeological Information

Digital Antiquity’s mission is to ensure preservation of and access to digital archaeological information.

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3-D Imaging of Prehistoric Rock Art and Historic Inscriptions at Pipe Spring National Monument

This project seeks to obtain baseline condition information of prehistoric rock art and historic inscriptions at Pipe Spring National Monument and provide educational opportunities for National Parks Service staff, college students and tribal members in the art, techniques and use of 3-D laser imaging in managing cultural resources.

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Population Dynamics and Complex Systems: Challenges and Opportunities

This International Research Experience for Students program involves host institutions Arizona State University (specifically, the Simon A. Levin Mathematical, Computational and Modeling Sciences Center [MCMSC]); Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas (CIMAT), Mexico; Universidad de Los Andes (UA), Colombia; and Universidad de Colima (UC), México.

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Mentorship through Research: A Model for an Emerging Urban American University

This ASU program exposes undergraduates to scientific research by letting them address relevant questions in theoretical biology.