#1 in the U.S. for research expenditures in anthropology

– National Science Foundation Rankings, 2017

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Problem-Driven Research

Using a wide range of leading-edge tools and approaches from anthropology and allied social and life sciences, our research is highly problem-driven, addressing the global challenges facing our species in the 21st century. You will find our school’s faculty and students publishing in all the top scientific outlets, producing important and impactful scholarship that is not only advancing basic knowledge but also committed to sharing it widely and for the greatest public good.

Student Research Opportunities

With the largest and most research-productive anthropology faculty in the nation, our school provides some of the best opportunities for graduates – and undergraduates – to get involved in research opportunities under the direction of leaders in the social sciences.

Affiliated Centers & Institutes

From unraveling the mysteries of ancient urban life at the Mesoamerican metropolis of Teotihuacan to understanding the complexities of today’s greatest global health challenges, our affiliated centers push beyond disciplinary boundaries to produce actionable research.

Featured Publications

Our faculty and students regularly publish in several of the world’s premier scientific journals, like Nature, Science, American Anthropologist, PNAS, PLos One and Current Anthropology.