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I am originally from Chicago, IL.  I come to Anthropology with a
diverse perspective, having begun my college career focused on Equine
Science!  From there, I worked in the horse industry in Kentucky,
before changing paths, returning to school and recieving a MA in
International Organization and Development from the Patterson School
at the University of Kentucky.  I worked in non-profit for
several years before again returning to school at the University of
Mississippi in 2008 to work on a MA in Anthropology.  From there,
I chose to pursue a PhD at ASU.  My goals are to become a
successful teacher and researcher.

Recent Research:

2012- Gradiometer Survey of L'Arbocet and El Puig, Valencia, Spain

2012 - Gradiometer Survey of the North Locus of the Midvale Site (AZ U:10:24(ASU).

2011 - Gradiometer Survey and Magnetic
Anomaly Testing of Castros de Neixon, Galicia, Spain.

2011 - Gradiometer Survey of Megalitihic
Site of Axeitos, Galicia, Spain.

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Rego, Justin P. and Wendy H. Cegielski

Gradiometery Survey and Magnetic Anomaly Testing of Casrtos de Neixon,
Galicia, Spain. Journal of Archaeological Science 46:417-427.

Cegielski, Wendy H. and Brad R. Lieb

  2011    "Hina'
Falaa, 'The Long Path':  An Analysis of Chickasaw Settlement
Using GIS in Northeast Mississippi: 1650-1840." Native
, Vol. 4, pp. 24-54.

Technical Reports:

Cegielski, Wendy H. and Justin P. Rego

  2011    A
Gradiometer Survey of the Megalithic Dolmen of Axeitos: Galicia,
SPain. Prepared for the Delegacion Provincial de Cultura de Xunta de
Galicia, Ribeira, A Coruna, Galicia, Spain.

Rego, Justin P. and Wendy H. Cegielski

  2011    Gradimeter
Survey and Magnetic Anomaly Testing of Castros de Beixon: Boiro, A
Coruna, Galicia, Spain. Report of Investiagtoipms 2011 Field Season.
Prepared for the Concello de Boiro and Centro Arquoloxico do Barbanza.


Research Interests

Fields of Interest

GIS, Spatial Analysis, Geophysical Prospection in Archaeology,
Landscape Archaeology, Settlement Pattern Studies, Cultural Contact,
“Shatter Zone”, Ethnogenesis, Cultural/Ethnic Identity
Studies, Bronze and Iron Age Europe, Ancient Near East, Modern Middle
East Culture and Politics, Southeastern American Indians. 

Committee: Chair Michael Barton, Keith Kintigh, Anick Coudart, Joan Bernabeu-Auban