Sylvia Gaines

Professor Emeritus
Emeritus Professor


Sylvia W. Gaines joined the faculty in 1972. Her research focused on developing computer applications, particularly in simulations of small societies. She pioneered real-time use of computers in field situations in 1970.

Gaines served on the Executive Board, Society for American Archaeology, 1983–1985 and as program chair for the annual meeting in 1988. In 2002, she was awarded the Distinguished Mentor of Women Award by the ASU Faculty Women's Association. A festschrift was published for her in 2006 titled Managing Archaeological Data: Essays in Honor of Sylvia Wright Gaines (Anthropological Research Paper No. 57, ASU).



Ph.D. Arizona State University

Research Interests

SHESC Themes: Societies and their Natural Environments

Field Specializations: Computer Modeling/Simulation of Small Sedentary Societies; Paleoenvironmental impact on communities in the American Southwest

Regional Focus: North America


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(19831988) Editor: Advances in Computer Archaeology
(19711979) Editor: Newsletter of Computer Archaeology