Rudolf Cesaretti

Graduate Assistant/Associate
TEMPE Campus

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Graduate Student
The College of Lib Arts & Sci


Mesoamerican Archaeologist specializing in Aztec Central Mexico, with a methodological focus on statistical, mathematical, and computational modeling. My main research interests surround the political and economic structures and dynamics of early states. My dissertation research involves using formal models to test alternative theories about the structure and dynamics of the Aztec [political] economy against an integrated database of the archaeological and ethnohistoric records. As a Research Associate for the ASU-SFI Center, I develop agent-based and dynamical systems models to analyze ecological inheritance and agricultural intensification in the Classic Maya Lowlands (in conjunction with the IHOPE Maya Working Group). I also conduct excavations with the Northern Basin of Mexico Historical Ecology Project (NBMHEP) under Christopher Moreheart (ASU), and am actively involved with both settlement scaling research ( ) and the SESHAT project ( )


Ph.D., Archaeology (in progress)
Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona (05/16  Present)

MA, Archaeology, 2016
Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona (08/14  05/16)

BA, Anthropology and History, 2012
Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri (8/08  8/12)

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Research Interests

Region: Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica, with focus on the Postclassic Central Mexico and the Classic Maya Lowlands

Theory: political and economic systems of ancient states; political economy and institutions; susbsistence systems and demography; urbanism and urbanization; social evolution of early complex polities

Methods: statistical modeling and analysis; mathematical and dynamical systems modeling; computational and agent-based modeling; social network analysis