Melissa McGehee

Graduate Student
Graduate Assistant/Associate


Prior to joining Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Melissa McGehee taught for four year, two of which were teaching middle school social studies, and has remained in the field of education in varying capacities for 15+ years. Melissa moved from Ohio to Phoenix when she was nine and considers it home. She earned her Bachelor of Art degree in History, as well as a Master of Art in Education Leadership and Master of Applied Science in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). A dedicated lifelong learner, Melissa is currenlty pursuing a graduate certificate in Museum Studies at ASU.

In her current work at ASU, she works to integrate the use of GIS into some of the Teachers College practices. In order to disseminate the activities and impact of Teachers College grants, she strives to find the best ways for faculty and students to tell their stories, to contribute to the collection of artifacts that engage the broader public to understand how the Teachers College is impacting the education field and community.

When she is not working or attending class, Melissa enjoys nature walks, biking, community involvement, and attempting to keep her air plants alive in the dry desert.


Master of Applied Studies in Geographic Information Systems - Arizona State University

Master of Art in Education, Education Leadership - Argosy University

Bachelor of Art in History - University of Dallas


Spring 2019
Course Number Course Title
GIS 640 GIS for Business
Spring 2018
Course Number Course Title
GIS 640 GIS for Business