Lyle Steadman


Lyle Steadman focuses on religion and kinship, especially their interrelationship, and the influence of natural selection on human social and cultural behavior. He has done extensive research among the Hewa, a society in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. A short period of fieldwork was also conducted in an Indian village in Baja California, Mexico.


Ph.D. Australian National University 1972

Research Interests

SHESC Themes: Culture, Heritage and Identity

Field Specializations: Kinship, Religion, Sociocultural Anthropology

Regional Focus: Oceania


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  • Steadman, L.B. & Merbs, C. (1982). Kuru and cannibalism? [Review of the book Kuru: Early letters and field-notes from the collection of D. Carleton Gajdusek]. American Anthropologist, 84(3), 611-627.