Janet Nalubega Ross

Graduate Assistant/Associate
TEMPE Campus

Student Information

Graduate Student
Global Health
The College of Lib Arts & Sci


Born and raised in Uganda, Janet, who goes by her middle name Nalubega, refugees, sex and social media. She is specifically interested in how refugees, living in the United States learn about making, having and taking care of children. She is especially interested in how the issues of race, sexuality and cultural values, shape the learning process. 

Nalubega has a bachelors degree in Community Health Education and Promotion from the University of Utah (2011), and a Master's degree in Bioinformatics from the University of Missouri-Kansas City (2014). 

Nalubega is currently working as a research associate on ASU's ADVANCE: Equity among faculty research project. 

When not working on her research, Nalubega can be found accumulating more plants and reading for pleasure.