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Christopher Schwartz is a  post-doctoral research scholar specializing in the archaeology of North America. His research interests include better understanding the long-distance exchange and interaction between pre-Hispanic societies of Mesoamerica and the US Southwest and how past humans interacted with animals, especially in religion and ritual. He is also interested in archaeological applications of isotope biogeochemistry, and has worked since 2014 in the Archaeological Chemistry Laboratory.

His work as a visiting researcher on the Connections Research Project focuses on database creation and management for the documentation of nonlocal and Mesoamerican-like objects in northwest Mexico and the US Southwest. In this role, he has explored how leaders manipulate local and distant social connections to establish and maintain sociopolitical institutions.

He recently earned his doctorate at Arizona State University and his dissertation research combined his interests in long-distance exchange and isotope biogeochemistry to explore the acquisition, treatment, and deposition of scarlet macaws at three regional centers (Pueblo Bonito in northwest New Mexico, Wupatki in northern Arizona, and Paquimé in northwestern Chihuahua) located in the US southwest and Mexican northwest between 900 and 1450 CE.


Spring 2019
Course Number Course Title
ASB 353 Death&Dying Cross-Culturl Prsp
Fall 2018
Course Number Course Title
ASB 333 Frauds, Myths and Mysteries


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