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Collections Manager, Center for Archaeology and Society
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Christopher Caseldine is the Collections Manager for anthropological collections in the Center for Archaeology and Society Repository in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change.

Caseldine’s broad research interests include water management among traditional irrigation societies, large-scale sociopolitical and cultural transitions, geoarchaeology, relationships among groups of the US southern Southwest and northwest Mexico, and the archaeology of the Phoenix and Tonto basins.

Caseldine served in the U.S. Marine Corps in the Aviation Wing for four and a half years and served one tour of duty in Iraq.


  • Ph.D. Anthropology, Arizona State University 2020
  • M.A. Anthropology, Arizona State University 2013
  • B.A. Anthropology, Arizona State University 2011
  • B.A.E. Secondary Education: History, Arizona State University 2011
  • A.A. Mesa Community College 2008

Research Interests

Pre-contact archaeology in North America with an emphasis on the Southern Southwest and Mexican Northwest, large-scale traditional irrigation systems, social institutions and processes that govern water management and use, agricultural impacts on the landscape, sociocultural fragmentation and reorganization of agrarian societies, cultural identity in boundary areas.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

In Review     Caseldine, Christopher R. Least Cost Paths and Movement in the Tonto Basin, Central Arizona. Kiva.

2020             Caseldine, Christopher R. A Reevaluation of Mesoamerica in the Southwest Through the Examination of Hohokam and Northwest Mexican Relationships South of the Lower Salt River, Central Arizona. Journal of Arizona Archaeology 7(2):200-215.


Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters:

Accepted      Caseldine, Christopher R. Water and Politics in Hohokam Canal System 2, Lower Salt River Valley, Central Arizona. In Proceedings of the 17th Biennial Southwest Symposium, edited by Matthew Peeples, Matthew Pailes, Caitlin Wichlacz, and Katherine Dungan. University Press of Colorado, Louisville, CO.

2021             Simon, Arleyn W., Christopher R. Caseldine, Sarah Striker, Christopher Grivas, Neysa Grider-Potter, and Darsita R. North. Reassessing the Burial Assemblages of Nuvakwewtaqa, Chavez Pass, Arizona. In Engaging Archaeology in the Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico, edited by Kelley A. Hays-Gilpin, Sarah A. Herr, and Patrick D. Lyons, pp. 51-76. University Press of Colorado, Louisville, CO.


Journal Articles:

2020             Caseldine, Christopher R., Arleyn W. Simon, and Sarah Striker. Assessment of Undecorated Pottery Production at Nuvakwewtaqa (Chavez Pass Ruin, AZ O:4:1 [ASU]). Pottery Southwest 36(1-2):10-22.

2019             Caseldine, Christopher R. and Arleyn W. Simon. A New Look at the Casa Grande Community’s Growth and Development. Archaeology Southwest Magazine 33(4):16-17.

2019             Caseldine, Christopher R. The Polvorón Phase. Archaeology Southwest Magazine 33(4):33.


Book Chapters:

In Press         Caseldine, Christopher R., Christopher Carr, and Samatha Feinberg. Journey-to-Afterlife Cosmologies of Post-Contact, Eastern Woodland and Plains Native Americans. In Being Scioto Hopewell: Ritual Drama and Personhood in Cross-Cultural Perspective, edited by Christopher G. Carr. Springer Nature, Switzerland.

In Press         Carr, Christopher and Christopher R. Caseldine. Journeys to Afterlives in the Cosmologies of Postcontact Eastern Woodland and Plains Indians: Interwoven Elements, Their Regional Distinctions, and Meta-Narratives. In Being Scioto Hopewell: Ritual Drama and Personhood in Cross-Cultural Perspective, edited by Christopher G. Carr. Springer Nature, Switzerland.

2012             Russell, Will G., Nanebah Nez, Christopher R. Caseldine, Arleyn W. Simon, Jacob Freeman, Garrett Trask. The Horseshoe Peak Site and Diachronic Landscape Use on the Middle Agua Fria River. In Proceedings of the 1st Annual Perry Mesa Symposium, edited by Will G. Russell and Michael Hoogendyk, pp. 163-180. Friends of Agua Fria National Monument, Black Canyon City, AZ.


Cultural Resource Management and Other Reports:

2021             Caseldine, Christopher R. An Assessment of Archaeological Site Monitoring Between 2005-2018 at Tonto National Monument. Technical Report No. 2021-102. Archaeology Southwest, Tucson.

2019             Caseldine, Christopher R. and Arleyn W. Simon. Archaeological Surface Density Survey at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument.  Report on CPCESU Cooperative Agreement ASU-80, US DOI National Park Service and Arizona State University. Center for Archaeology and Society Repository, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University, Tempe.

2019             Caseldine, Christopher R. Archaeology Before Anthropology: A History of Archaeological Collections Made Before the Arizona State University Department of Anthropology. Center for Archaeology and Society Repository, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University, Tempe.

2018             Caseldine, Christopher R. An Archaeological Assessment of the Mesa Grande Cultural Park Educational Area Shade Structure, City of Mesa, Arizona. Arizona Museum of Natural History, Mesa, AZ.

2016             Caseldine, Christopher R., Mechell Frazier, María García, Sofía Pacheco-Fores, Rudolfo Cesaretti, Christopher Schwartz, and Christopher T. Morehart. Protocolo para el mapeo con Estación Total en Los Mogotes. In Proyecto de Ecología del Norte de la Cuenca de México: Informe de la Temporada de Campo 2015, edited by Christopher T. Morehart, pp. 7-17. School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University, Tempe.

2016             Caseldine, Christopher R. Plain and Complex: An Analysis of Non-Decorated Pottery from Chavez Pass Ruin. Submitted to USDA Forest Service, Coconino National Forest, Flagstaff. School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University, Tempe.

2012             Simon, Arleyn, Will G. Russell, Jacob Freeman, and Christopher Caseldine. Report of 2010 Survey within Area R, Agua Fria National Monument. Report submitted to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University, Tempe.

2010             Caseldine, Christopher R. A Whale of Trouble: An Institutional Analysis of the Whaling Practices of the Makah Indians of Washington State. Contributing paper for the Center for the Study of Institutional Diversity E-library database.


Blog Posts:

2021             Caseldine, Christopher R. and Grant Snitker A [Digital] Tonto Basin Journey. Preservation Archaeology Blog. March 15, 2021.


2021             Caseldine, Christopher R. A Tonto Basin Journey. Preservation Archaeology Blog. February 1, 2021.


2020             Caseldine, Christopher R. Societal Change in the Past. Preservation Archaeology Blog. August 18, 2020.

Professional Associations

Register of Professional Archaeologists
Society for American Archaeology
Arizona Archaeological Council
Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society
American Alliance of Museums
Registrars Committee Western Region


2022 Standards Board Alternate, The Register of Professional Archaeologists
2021-present Chair, SHESC NAGPRA Advisory Committee
2021-present Board member, AZSITE Consortium

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