Brandice Evans

Grad Teaching Associate
Graduate Assistant/Associate
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Grad Teaching Associate
Graduate Assistant/Associate

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Graduate Student
Global Health
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Brandice Evans is a biological anthropologist whose research focuses on the intersection of social disparity and health outcomes, specifically stress during early childhood and it's effects in later life.  She is interested in understanding the possible role that breastmilk may play in epigenetic programming during critical periods of early life.  Her Master's research focused on understanding disparities in breastfeeding rates among African American women living in the Historic South, and the role of racially related psychosocial stress.  Her current research trajectory seeks to examine the inter-generational differences in stress, infant development, and health outcomes among various generations of Mexican-American immigrants living in Arizona in order to better understand mechanisms influencing early life imprinting.


2017- Master of Arts Anthropology, Georgia State University

2015- Bachelor of Arts Anthropology, University of Georgia

2010- AAS Allied Health Sciences, Gwinnett Technical College



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