Anne Sherfield

Graduate Assistant/Associate
TEMPE Campus

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Graduate Student
The College of Lib Arts & Sci


Anne Sherfield is a archaeology graduate student interested in domestic networks/organization and geospatial analyses of urban structure in Latin America. Currently, Anne is investigating patterns of social and spatial inequality at Teotihuacan, Mexico by simulating movement pathways from residential structures to the great compound and the plazas of the sun, moon, and the feathered serpent pyramids.

Anne has done field work on the Mauka Llaqta Architectural Survey, the UngarĂ¡ Archaeological Project, and the PIA Las Huacas in Peru. She has also worked for the El Mogote and El Palenque Archaeological Project in Mexico. Currently, she is working for the Teotihuacan Research Lab at ASU and central Mexico.

Additionally, Anne has worked in many local and national museums. She worked at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology and the Museum of Anthropological Archaeology in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Additionally, Anne was a lab intern in the North American Archaeology Lab at the American Museum of Natural History. Currently, she is working with the Arizona Museum of Natural History in Mesa, AZ to better visitor engagement with their Mesoamerica and South America Gallery.


2018 - B.A., Classical Archaeology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Research Interests

Spatial analyses; geographic information systems; site and household networks and organization; daily life; mitigation of cultural impurities


Peer Reviewed Articles

2.         2018b              Sherfield, Anne. Swans and Circles: An Object Biography of an Unprovenanced Geometric Pyxis. Philomathes: A Journal of Undergraduate Research in Classics 2(1): 18-30.

1.         2018a              Sherfield, Anne. The Importance of Community Engagement at Archaeological Sites in Egypt. Crossroads: The University of Michigan Undergraduate Journal of Anthropology 1(1): 83-92.

Magazine Article

1.         2019                Sherfield, Anne. Archaeology of Menstruation. Anthropology News. July 17th, 2019.