Andrea Torvinen

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Post Doctoral Scholars
TEMPE Campus


Ph.D., Anthropology, Arizona State University

M.A., Anthropology, Arizona State University

B.A., Anthropology, Albion College

B.A., Geology, Albion College

Research Interests

Archaeology of northwest Mexico and Mesoamerica, Zacatecas, Epiclassic Period, ceramic petrography, exchange networks, ritual economy, diversity, resilience, social transformations, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), agent-based modeling (ABM), space syntax analysis


2020  Torvinen, Andrea and Ben A. Nelson. Refinement of the Chronology of La Quemada, Zacatecas, Mexico, Using Ceramic Seriation. Latin American Antiquity. DOI: 10.1017/laq.2019.106

2019  Fisher, Christopher T., Anna S. Cohen, Rodrigo Solinis-Casparius, Florencia L. Pezzutti, Jason Bush, Marion Forest, and Andrea Torvinen. A Typology of Ancient Purépecha (Tarascan) Architecture from Angamuco, Michoacán, Mexico. Latin American Antiquity 30(3):510-528. DOI: 10.1017/laq.2019.50

2017  Freeman, Jacob, Andrea Torvinen, Ben A. Nelson, and John M. Anderies. “Diversity, Reciprocity, and the Emergence of Equity-Inequity Trade-offs.” In The Give and Take of Sustainability: Anthropological Perspectives on Tradeoffs, edited by M. Hegmon, pp. 26-51. University of Cambridge Press: Cambridge.

2016  Hegmon, Michelle, Jacob Freeman, Keith W. Kintigh, Margaret C. Nelson, Sarah Oas, Matthew A. Peeples, and Andrea Torvinen. “Marking and Making Difference: Representational Diversity in the US Southwest.” American Antiquity 81(2):253-272.

2016  Nelson, Margaret C., Scott E. Ingram, Andrew J. Dugmore, Richard Streeter, Matthew A. Peeples, Thomas H. McGovern, Michelle Hegmon, Jette Arneborg, Keith W. Kintigh, Seth Brewington, Katherine A. Spielmann, Ian A. Simpson, Colleen Strawhacker, Laura E.L. Comeau, Andrea Torvinen, Christian K. Madsen, George Hambrecht, and Konrad Smiarowski. “Climate Challenges, Vulnerabilities, and Food Security.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A. 113(2):298-303. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1506494113

2016  Torvinen, Andrea, Michelle Hegmon, Ann P. Kinzig, Margaret C. Nelson, Matthew A. Peeples, Karen G. Schollmeyer, Colleen Strawhacker, and Laura Swantek. “Transformation without Collapse: Two Cases from the U.S. Southwest.” In Beyond Collapse: Archaeological Perspectives on Resilience, Revitalization, and Transformation in Complex Societies, edited by R. K. Faulseit, pp. 262-286. Southern Illinois University Press: Carbondale.

2014  Freeman, Jacob C., John M. Anderies, Andrea Torvinen, and Ben A. Nelson. “Crop Specialization, Exchange and Robustness in a Semi-arid Environment.” Human Ecology 42(2):297-310. DOI: 10.1007/s10745-013-9638-0



Research Activity

Project Co-Director, Ceramic Metatypology for Northwest Mexico. Wenner-Gren Foundation Workshop Grant Program. A. L. Torvinen and B. A. Nelson, dir. Tempe, AZ, Austin, TX, and Guadalajara, JAL, 2013-present.

Graduate Research AssociateLa Quemada-Malpaso Valley Archaeological Project, B. Nelson, dir. Zacatecas, Mexico and Tempe, AZ, 2008-present.

Graduate Research Associate, Long-term Vulnerability and Transformation Project. National Science Foundation Coupled Natural-Human Systems Program. M. C. Nelson, dir. Tempe, AZ, 2010-2015.

Crew Member, North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation: Skútustadir Archaeological Project. M. Hicks and A. Fridrikson, dir. Mývatn, 2013-2014.

Invited Participant, Collaborative working group meeting between the North Atlantic Biocultural Organization (NABO) and the Long-Term Vulnerability and Transformation Project (LTVTP). T. H. McGovern and M. C. Nelson, 2011-2014.

Crew Member, Legacies of Resilience: The Lake Pátzcuaro Basin Archaeological Project. C. T. Fisher, dir. Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, 2010-2011.


Fall 2019
Course Number Course Title
ASB 484 Internship


2014 CLAS Graduate Excellence Award, Arizona State University

2010 Honorable Mention, Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Diversity Fellowship Program

2009 Honorable Mention, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

2008 Honorable Mention, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

2007 Phi Beta Kappa National Academic Honor Society

2004 Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society for First Year Students

Professional Associations

American Anthropological Association (AAA) Association for Women in Science (AWIS) Global Human Ecodynamics Alliance (GHEA) Society for American Archaeology (SAA)


2015-2018 Student Member, Committee on the Status of Women in Archaeology, Society for American Archaeology.

2014-2015 Graduate Reader Program, School of Human Evolution & Social Change Association of All Graduate Students, Arizona State University.

2013-2014 Graduate Student Mentor, School of Human Evolution & Social Change, Arizona State University.

2012-2013 Graduate Student Representative, Archaeology Faculty Search Committee, School of Human Evolution & Social Change, Arizona State University.

2009-2012 Graduate Student Mentor, School of Human Evolution & Social Change, Arizona State University. 3 years.

2011 Volunteer, Resilience 2011: Second International Science and Policy Conference, Tempe, AZ.

2009-2011 Archaeology Approach Representative, School of Human Evolution & Social Change Association of All Graduate Students, Arizona State University. 2 years.

2009-2010 Volunteer, Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA and St. Louis, MO. 2 years.

2009 Research Grant Reviewer, Graduate & Professional Student Association, Arizona State University.

2008-2009 Secretary, School of Human Evolution & Social Change Association of All Graduate Students, Arizona State University.

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