Under the direction of National Academy of Sciences member professor Jane Buikstra, the Center for Bioarchaeological Research seeks to discover and communicate new knowledge about past peoples' experiences with health and disease, along with their cultural and environmental contexts.

The first of its kind in Arizona, the center conducts research not typically covered by traditional researchers in the biomedical, environmental and conservation fields. Our research and teaching emphasize contextualization and problem orientation along with the latest methodological training. Students learn not only human osteology and various analytical and laboratory procedures, but also how to interpret the data resulting from these methods within a broad, comparative anthropological framework for bioarchaeological problem-solving and engagement with contemporary issues.

The center is housed in state-of-the-art facilities within the School of Human Evolution and Social Change and is home to an impressive number of outstanding bioarchaeologists, including Brenda Baker, Jane Buikstra, Chris Carr, Kelly Knudson, Katherine Spielmann, Christopher Stojanowski and Anne Stone, who collaborate with numerous faculty from other units whose research intersects with theirs. Our goal is to focus students' attention on important questions and problems early in their graduate career, and to provide them with the best tools to develop effective research designs. By bringing anthropological understanding of the past to contemporary problems, the center provides important insights to efforts that promote global health and seek to preserve cultural heritages, endangered species and threatened environments.

Jane Buikstra

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