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Field Archaeology & Geophysical Testing

This program is not yet available for 2021

Photo of magnetometry at Kampsville9 credits

ASM 338 Field Archaeology and Geophysical Testing (9 credits)

ASM 583 Field Archaeology and Geophysical Testing (9 credits)

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Jason L. King

The Field Archaeology track offers a unique, intensive archaeological experience for undergraduate and graduate students of all skill levels. Stationed at the Center for American Archeology in Kampsville, students gain experience in field and laboratory methods, theory and research design while engaging in problem-oriented research at the German site (11C377). Students work closely with professional archaeologists from a variety of backgrounds and institutions to help them master techniques and strategies for successful archaeological field and lab work in a variety of contexts. Field Methods students gain hands-on experience in geophysical testing, total station use, excavation and laboratory methods, including mapping, soil description, artifact and debris processing, water flotation collection and processing and curation. Practical experiences are supplemented by reading assignments and lectures by field school staff and guest lecturers.