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The School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University offers a multitude of undergraduate and graduate degrees in the social sciences, including the traditional fields of anthropology, global health, applied mathematics, environmental social science, museum studies and more. Our rigorous and stimulating degree programs will impart you with a broad and flexible set of skills for understanding the evolutionary trajectories of humans, the contemporary health challenges of society and how to use mathematics to resolve practical real-world problems, from climate change to disease pandemics. You’ll learn how to identify critical issues, ask the right questions and collaborate with others to create solutions that are meaningful and effective for society.

Undergraduate Degrees

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Anthropology BA

A BA in anthropology lies at the cross-section between complex reasoning, the collection and analysis of data, and pure...

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Anthropology BS

Anthropology is the study of how and why humans evolved and how evolutionary biological, social and cultural trajectories...

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Applied Mathematics for Life and Social Sciences BS

The BS in applied mathematics for the life and social sciences is unlike any other math program. It offers a novel and in...

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Global Health BA

The BA in global health is a transdisciplinary degree that provides new skillsets and perspectives to understand and...

Undergraduate Minors and Certificates

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Anthropology Minor

Coursework in anthropology complements many majors and provides critical thinking skills for any career that requires...

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Global Health Minor

The minor in global health is a transdisciplinary program designed for students who seek a broad and flexible set of...

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Social Science Research Methods Certificate

The certificate program in social science research methods prepares students to acquire, manage and analyze a broad range...

Graduate Degrees

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Anthropology PhD

The anthropology doctoral program in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University invites...

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Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences PhD

This doctoral degree is specially designed for students who want to make innovative and far-reaching scientific...

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Environmental Social Science PhD

The environmental social science program at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University...

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Global Health PhD

Global health problems are numerous and complex – including environmental pollutants, HIV, reproductive cancers, childhood...

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Global Health MA

The Global Health MA is offered only as an accelerated degree for ASU undergraduates majoring in global health. Different...

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Museum Studies MA

We are not currently accepting new applications for this program - please schedule a conversation with our advising staff to...

Graduate Certificates

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Immigration Studies Graduate Certificate

The immigration studies graduate certificate program provides students with a holistic understanding of the historical,...

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Museum Studies Graduate Certificate

In the museum studies certificate program, students examine how museums produce and reflect culture and they examine the...

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