Teotihuacan Research Laboratory

Pyramid of the Moon


by Research Professor Saburo Sugiyama

The Pyramid of the Moon, facing south, is located at the northern end of the Avenue of the Dead.

The pyramid is the main monument in a larger ceremonial precinct called the “Moon Plaza” that consists of 15 pyramids and other associated buildings. The North-South axis of the city that passes through the midline of the Moon Pyramid coincides precisely with the top of the sacred mountain, “Cerro Gordo,” visible from the Avenue of the Dead.

For the first time, in 1998–2004, tunnels were excavated by an ASU-led international team into the core of the pyramid at the plaza level, leading to discoveries of the remains of earlier pyramids and five mortuary complexes with abundant symbolic offerings.

(Click here for more details of recent excavations by the INAH-APU-ASU joint project.)