A ground-breaking research center

The first of its kind in Arizona, the Center for Bioarchaeological Research was created by Regents' Professor Jane Buikstra – considered the founder of bioarchaeology – in 2005. 

As Founding Director, Buikstra is still a key figure at the center, primarily as the director of its field school in Kampsville, Illinois. In 2014, the leadership transitioned to anthropological geneticist Anne C. Stone and to bioarchaeologist and isotope specialist Kelly J. Knudson in 2017.

Composed of a cadre of esteemed scientists, the center continues to conduct meaningful research into issues of human mobility, identity and health, using the archaeological record and skeletal remains.

photo of Kelly Knudson
Kelly Knudson

Professor of Anthropology
Center for Bioarchaeological Research

School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Arizona State University