About Us

Researchers at the Center for Bioarchaeological Research (CBR) study past peoples through the lens of health and disease; heritage; ethnicity and identity; ritual and ideology; paleodiet; forensic anthropology; and residential mobility. Our state-of the-art facilities for bioarchaeological study allow for gross skeletal and dental observations, histological study, and biochemical and biomolecular research. Our scholarly work currently spans the Americas, Ireland, the circum-Mediterranean region and Africa.

The center’s outreach initiatives involve increasing public awareness of past peoples and applying this information to contemporary problems with deep roots. These include:

  • Developing collaborative research and education initiatives with descendant groups, often in partnership with other institutions, such as the Center for American Archeology (CAA).
  • Residential programming in heritage studies with CAA.
  • Initiative in host-pathogen co-evolution exploring risk factors for infectious disease among contemporary human and non-human primate groups.

We are currently exploring scholarly and educational partnerships across Arizona, as well as in Mexico and Chile. Initiatives will include collaborative research, student exchange programs, co-teaching, museum programming, collections research and the development of Arizona standards for recording burial sites.