Center for Archaeology and Society

Research Affiliates

The Center for Archaeology and Society has a network of ASU and non-ASU research affiliates whose efforts contribute to the Center’s objective of exploiting archaeology’s unique ability to acquire knowledge of ancient cultures to inform the present.


ASU Affiliates

Photo of David Abbott
David Abbott
Associate Professor Emeritus

Photo of John Anderies
John Anderies

Photo of Michael Barton
Michael Barton

Photo of Jane Buikstra
Jane Buikstra
Regents' Professor

Photo of Michelle Hegmon
Michelle Hegmon

Photo of Kelly Knudson
Kelly Knudson

Photo of Curtis Marean
Curtis Marean

Photo of David Martinez
David Martinez
Associate Professor

Photo of Konstantina-Eleni Michelaki

Konstantina-Eleni Michelaki
Associate Professor


Photo of Christopher Morehart
Christopher Morehart
Associate Professor

Photo of Ben Nelson

Ben Nelson
Professor Emeritus


Photo of Margaret Nelson

Margaret Nelson
Professor Emeritus


Photo of Charles Perreault
Charles Perreault
Assistant Professor

Photo of Charles Redman
Charles Redman

Photo of Michael E Smith
Michael E. Smith

Photo of Katherine Spielmann
Katherine Spielmann
Professor Emeritus

Photo of Sander Van Der Leeuw
Sander Van Der Leeuw





External Affiliates


Photo of Will Russell

Will G. Russell, PhD
State Parks Archaeologist/Cultural Resources Manager, Arizona State Parks

Interests: Southwestern archaeology, prehispanic ritual and religious transformation, development of social inequality, government-to-government collaboration, preservation and stewardship