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Undergraduate Lounge

All undergraduate students in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change are free to use our undergraduate lounge located in SHESC 140. The lounge has couches, a refrigerator, microwave, books and magazines for students to make use of while on campus between classes. It is also a great place to socialize and meet other students in the school.

School of Human Evolution and Social Change Events

Throughout the academic year, the faculty and staff in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change hold various events, guest lectures, colloquium, seminars and workshops that students of all levels are welcome to attend. Please be sure to refer to our events calendar to keep up to date with all the exciting things happening in our school.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Opportunities

Many tools – from online and in-person tutoring to success coaching – are offered at the college level to help you excel. See The College Student Success page for details. 

External Careers, Volunteering and Internships

Career Services
Career Services is available to assist ASU students and alumni with career exploration, development and implementation tailored to students’ unique talents, experiences, academic preparation and professional goals. The career advisors at the Career Services center can help students succeed at every step of the career development process, from learning about majors and career options, to hitting the job market. They offer professional career advice and are a fantastic resource for job outlook, salary and employment trend information.

University Service Learning
Through the University Service Learning office students can earn credit toward graduation for volunteering in the greater Phoenix community. The University Service Learning office provides ASU students the opportunity to link collegiate coursework with meaningful service to the community that enhances the learning process, develops leadership skills and promotes life-long civic engagement.

Internships can provide unparalleled co-curricular opportunities for undergraduate students. They give students the chance to apply concepts and critical thinking learned in the classroom to real world applications. Internships allow students to build upon practical skills and experiences that are invaluable on resumes, especially when looking for jobs post graduation, in addition to being a prime opportunity for students to begin to build a professional network. Students in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change can earn academic credit for external and internal internships that are relevant to their major.