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This is an archive of older coverage of faculty at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change. For the latest on our cutting-edge research, faculty and students, please visit our News page.

Video Clips

It's no surprise to find our innovative faculty on the news. Click on the videos below to watch them talk about their research and discoveries.

photo of Katie Hinde at TEDtalkTEDtalk: What we don't know about mother's milk
Associate Professor Katie Hinde at the TEDWomen 2016 conference
Estrada observing street vendorsChildren and Immigration
Horizonte PBS interview featuring Assistant Professor Emir Estrada
Teotihuacan residential complex photoAt Home with the Aztecs
Arizona Horizon PBS interview featuring Professor Michael Smith
View of Perry MesaUncovering the History of Perry Mesa one sherd at a time
ASU Now interview featuring Professor David Abbott
Illustration of DNADiscovery of earliest known fossil of human genus
Arizona Horizon PBS interview featuring Professor Bill Kimbel and PhD student Chalachew Seyoum
Map of North AmericaUndocumented Youth and local DREAMers
Horizonte PBS interview featuring Professor Alissa Ruth
Obesity Solutions logoASU Obesity Research
Arizona Horizon PBS interview featuring Professor Alexandra Brewis Slade
Professor Alexandra Brewis SladePresident’s Professor Profile: Alexandra Brewis Slade
Horizonte PBS profile featuring Professor Alexandra Brewis Slade
Photo of scientists in labResearch matters
ASU Research Matters video featuring Professors Cutris Marean and Kaye Reed
Professors visit exhibitBecoming Human
ASU Museum of Anthropology and Innovation Gallery Exhibit featuring Professors Bill Kimbel, Kaye Reed and Curtis Marean

Audio Clips

Our faculty are always engaged in cutting-edge research. Click on one of the links below and hear them explain their science in radio interviews.

picture of graphsResearchers Trying to Integrate Future Modeling
KJZZ interview featuring Professor Michael Barton
photo of old city mapAntiquities Act Gains Attention After Trump's Monuments Order
KJZZ interview featuring Professor Frank McManamon
drawing of 2017 March Mammal Madness animalsThis Week in Science podcast on Mammal March Madness
Featuring Associate Professor Katie Hinde
photo of Chris StojanowskiASU Professor Examines Warfare In Response To Published Research In Nature
KJZZ interview featuring Professor Christopher Stojanowski
Teotihuacan pyramidsAncient Civilizations Show Neighborhood Communities Imporant to Cities Past and Present
KJZZ interview featuring Professor Michael Smith
Photo of feet on a scaleHealth Officials May be Vastly Underestimating Obesity Epidemic
KJZZ interview featuring Associate Professor Dan Hruschka
Mammal March Madness 2016 bracket pictureMarch Mammal Madness: Who Would Win in Mammal-Fighting Bracket?
KJZZ interview featuring Associate Professor Katie Hinde
Papaya seedling pictureASU Professor Researches History of Where Politics, Environment Intersect
KJZZ interview featuring Assistant Professor Christopher Morehart
View of Phoenix pictureArizona’s Poorest Neighborhoods Struggle to Provide Heat Relief
KJZZ interview featuring Professor Emerita Sharon Harlan
picture of numbersConference Hosted by ASU Expected to Attract World’s Smartest People
KJZZ interview featuring Professor Sander van der Leeuw
Picture of a man holding a globeHow Humans Took Over the World
KERA interview featuring Professor Curtis Marean
Teotihuacan Avenue of the Dead pictureCity Growth
BYUradio Top of Mind interview featuring Professor Michael Smith
ASU-Led Discovery Closes in on Human Origin
KJZZ interview featuring Professor Bill Kimbel
Professor Donald Johanson photoPaleoanthropologist Don Johanson Remembers ‘Lucy,’ His Famous Fossil Discovery
KJZZ interview featuring Professor Don Johanson
Deer Valley petroglyph pictureDid You Know: Petroglyphs are Prominent in Arizona?
KJZZ interview featuring Professor Arleyn Simon
U.N. flag pictureU.N. recognizes ASU professor’s research
KJZZ interview featuring Professor Sander van der Leeuw
Illustration of "Lucy"Anthropologist Donald Johanson on “Lucy’s Legacy”
NPR interview featuring Professor Donald Johanson